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These tools have their pros and cons. They need to be inserted deep into the vagina just before intercourse.
  • These drugs include Patenteks Oval N, Pharmatex, Benatex, etc.

  • New generation contraceptives have a number of advantages over barrier contraceptives.

  • Currently, there are a number of positive aspects when using such funds:

  • Pills containing hormones are one of the most high-quality methods of contraception that can be used at any age (both for adolescents and for older women who have given birth). Taking such funds, women note that their menstrual cycle stabilizes, pains during menstruation become less intense.

  • Almost all of these preparations have a good cosmetic effect - they improve the condition of the skin's hair; have antiandrogenic properties - reduce the growth of unwanted hair.

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They have a positive psychological effect - a woman has the confidence that she will not get pregnant. The latest tools allow you to speed up the onset of menstruation or postpone them. They produce a therapeutic effect for mastopathy, ovarian cyst, endometriosis (although there are no results of full-fledged independent studies on this issue yet). After giving up pills containing hormones, fertility recovers on its own after 2-6 menstrual cycles; in rare cases, until fertility is restored, a year passes from the last intake of zithromax.

Thus, low-dose birth control pills and other types of oral contraceptives have a number of undeniable benefits. But at the same time, one should not forget that even low-dose hormonal contraceptives also have a number of negative effects, which, if you compare the pros and zithromax, are much greater. Therefore, whatever the name of the female hormones in pills, whether they are cheap or expensive, it is important to consult with a specialist about whether it is worth using them to protect yourself or whether it is better to find other methods of contraception. The doctor must take into account all the consequences that may occur when using such pills, as well as contraindications, the possibility of their use in chronic diseases, etc.

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Like any medicines, contraceptives in the modern world are produced by those who are engaged in this branch of pharmacology in order to develop their business. Therefore, the intentions of manufacturers to advertise such means as widely as possible are quite understandable.

Studies are very often conducted, the result of which is information about the negative effects of oral contraception. Therefore, before starting the use of such funds, you need to clearly know what negative consequences may occur, and why this is happening.

Without a doubt, the selection of such means should only be carried out by a doctor, so posts on the forums: "Advise contraceptives" or attempts to find an online rating and photos of contraceptive pills are at least irresponsible ways to choose the appropriate method of contraception.

Experts conducted studies, in the process of which they obtained results confirming that the use of hormonal contraception in nulliparous women increases the risk of developing breast, cervical, and liver cancer.

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  • They also affect the general condition of the body, provoking attacks of depression, migraines, the appearance of an increase in blood sugar levels, causing hair loss and pigmentation.

  • Long-term use of hormonal coIntraception also leads to changes in the functions of the genital organs. Indeed, with the use of such funds, every month there is a suppression of ovulation, that is, the function of the ovaries. In turn, there is a suppression of the regulatory centers.

  • If you start taking pills in your youth and do it for many years, a change in the inner layer occurs in the uterus, and this can ultimately lead to oncological degeneration of tissues.

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  • Prolonged use of azithromycin leads to a reduction in sex hormones, a malnutrition of the ovaries occurs, as a result of which their size decreases. In this case, the reproductive function of the body deteriorates sharply.

  • Failure of the hormonal balance of the body occurs both at the beginning of taking the pills, and after its termination. That is why the question arises about how long the reproductive function will be restored after the cancellation of zithromax.

  • This does not always happen quickly. Therefore, the choice of drugs should be deliberate. Those women who have contraindications to the use of OCs should not use them, since there is the most serious concern about the appearance of side effects so severe that a woman can die - vascular thrombosis, etc.



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